ION stands for “Intelligent Open Network”, it’s a middle-ware developed by Infor which can be used with Infor and non-Infor products.

ERP applications, CRM applications, BI applications etc. typically cannot communicate with one another in order to share data or business rules. Not only this application landscapes require a middle-ware to communicate, but also two similar applications from different vendors can't effectively communicate without a middle-ware.

ION effectively enables you to organize your information, act on the information and follow or monitor the information. Infor have adapted the social platforms for real time data operation, alert

OAGIS provides a standard canonical business language that enables streamlined communication between businesses and/or business applications. OAGIS works with whatever transportation layer you and your company choose to use.

  • Easy to install, configure and activate
  • It simply works for Infor apps and Infor Cloud
  • Connects non-Infor apps as well
  • Business process monitoring on-demand
  • Runs your business workflows
  • Can store data in a secure vault
  • Acts 'at the right time, right place, right moment'