ARCAD Software

Twenty years of expertise in core business and sustained R&D have given ARCAD products unequalled functionality. What also makes our solutions unique is their highly integrated design, based on a central repository. Indeed, the same R&D team has designed all of our core products since the company’s inception, which has led to an unmatched level of integration among our tool solutions and openness to other platforms. In addition, the modular design of our product range means that the solutions you implement are both flexible and scalable.We are also unique in the size and skill sets of our technical team, the source of many of ARCAD’s strengths. Our team members, are not only recognized for their depth of IBM i expertise and length of time in the industry. They also possess:

  • Extensive experience with diverse technologies
  • Methodology expertise
  • Strong integration knowledge
  • Commitment to your success with our products

ARCAD Software has developed a strong expertise around Rational Team. The ARCAD consulting team can assist you in the implementation of those tools in your organization. It is not only a question of technology, but methodology. It’s the type of tool that may have a major impact over your existing organization. Therefore you must think about conducting the change on the human point of view. The 20 years of experience we have accumulated, conducting such type of project for hundreds of customers, ARCAD Software can help you achieve an efficient implementation as well as an on going support of your team.

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