Customer satisfaction is our top priority

We understand your needs are unique and we tailor our services and products accordingly. You should not have to settle for uncompleted projects and unresponsiveness. The client-partner bond is a major focus of ours, and that is why we feel all our clients should be treated with great respect and deserves quick and accurate responses to their system issues. We stand behind our project quotes and assessments 100% - so you know what to expect from day one on your project. Your trust and satisfaction are the cornerstones to our continued high project success rate.

Customized solutions and services for your needs

We are committed to understanding your business needs and delivering innovative enterprise solutions. Whether you're looking to maximize your software through an implementation or upgrade, need assistance with creating and customizing reports, or simply need better and more responsive support for your enterprise system.

We have expertise with all versions of Infor enterprise system - if you're using Infor products, we can help! For over a decade, we have developed best practices methodologies that have helped many clients achieve significant cost-savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and overall better business performance when partnering with us.

These services are delivered through a team of TGS industry and technology consultants with years of collective experience and expertise in manufacturing best practices, business process management This diverse pool of professionals has the:

  • Industry and business process skills to properly weave your enterprise system's capabilities and business flows into your business fabric
  • Technical skills to ensure that it is properly configured, installed and working with your chosen hardware, middleware and database platforms
  • Migration skills to execute a smooth transition from your legacy system to new system, including data conversion
  • Integration skills to tie together multiple systems and "bolt ons" as well as supply chain management and customer relationship management applications
  • Project management and testing skills to help ensure a successful go-live
  • Cutting-edge methodologies and tools that have been honed over the years by our consultants worldwide and have made TGS a trusted partner for Infor.

TGS Services

Project Management

TGS project managers have experience in a wide range of projects from small single site implementations through to major projects requiring coordination of large projects teams and multi-site global roll outs. We really understand the demands of business critical solutions and the need to deliver on time and within budget.

Based on this experience, we have developed a method that ensures repeatable project success. Key elements of the method are:

  • Project Organization
  • Phased Approach
  • Realistic & Accurate Scheduling
  • Regular Project Tracking & Communication
  • Recognition & Celebration

All of our implementations have been successfully controlled using our project management methodology to ensure:

  • Close working relationship with the client, leading to a good fit between business requirements and the software
  • High degree of ownership within the client's sites
  • Tightly controlled risk management and change control procedures
  • The flexibility needed to adapt to any changes in the business environment during the life cycle of the project
  • Timely delivery of the required end product
  • Control of the project to budget.

Application Consulting

We've been around the Infor world for quite a while so we have insight to the many different ways the enterprise system is used, so not only can we tell you how your software can be used but what is the best practice too. We take great pride in the skills and knowledge of our people and we are proud to have a number of former Infor employees on our team along with people that have used Infor products, both in business and as professional consultants.

Application consulting team consists of talented and knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience in maximizing the return on software. Our team bridges the gap between enterprise system and your business process. We will work to understand your current business, processes, and people. We will then work with you to develop a process that improves all of your efficiency, and mold the software to fit the new process precisely. The Application Consulting team is keenly focused on maximizing your enterprise system utilization and potential, and in making the best use of your software investments.

Implementation Services

We have always understood that your company is unique: your people, products and clients combine to create a unique culture and set of procedures that set you apart. For this reason we know that no two implementations are the same. Your project must be designed to meet your goals, with the resources available.

Our Implementation Consultants have developed a proven approach that delivers implementation success. Our implementation consulting methodology involves piloting different areas of the business system application with your key users, and developing an implementation road-map and end-user training strategies. We understand that every implementation is different, and that your business requires separate needs from other companies. That is the reason our implementations follow a customized phased process; allowing our Implementation Consultants to work with you to roll-out your enterprise system or business system throughout your entire company.

Our Implementation Methodology ensures the correct resources are brought in deploying your enterprise system. We can help you select the best method of implementation after helping to analyze your internal resources, current systems, scope of deployment and management goals.

There are fundamentally two types of implementations:

  • Self-Directed
    In a self-directed deployment, an internal team of key employees is assigned to the project for a significant portion of their available time, with a full-time team leader who is responsible for project management. The team members are trained by our consultants on the system's functionality and work together through the pilots to determine the best procedures for using the system to meet the goals and unique requirements of the company.
  • Externally Managed
    In an externally managed deployment, our consultants take the lead in the project. An internal team is still appointed, but their time requirements are significantly reduced as our consultants are responsible for project management, process change, software modifications, data migration, procedure development, documentation and training.
Training and Education

We have worked with many different users and have developed training best practices on how to use your enterprise system to meet your specific needs. Our trainers are experts in their field, great communicators, and are well versed in providing a stimulating learning environment. We offer novice to advanced level training on all enterprise system modules. Training can be on-site, off-site, or web-based. We offer customized training for your staff based on their roles in the organization. We can even train you using your own data to maximize learning. In cases that it may be more cost effective for your organization, we also offer a "train the trainer" approach.

We understand training is often the first step in a change process. Our proven business system training methodology was developed to help your staff assume new roles and/or added responsibilities. Our training process is optimized to aid in the understanding of the subject matter and maximizes knowledge transfer.

Key aspects of our Training methodology include:

  • Understanding your industry and your business
  • Customizing the training session based on the roles and responsibilities of the attendees
  • Training on your data
  • Interactive and hands-on knowledge transfer
  • Tailored checklists and props to aid in retention and application
  • Personalized schedule
System Upgrades

Using our experience of both business processes and latest technology we can offer an unbiased opinion of your information technology strategy. We will review the current use of the existing application, judge how well it supports the current business processes and only then suggest ways in which the application can be better aligned to meet the business needs. If an upgrade is the recommended approach then TGS are uniquely positioned to conduct the upgrade project. Our consultants have many upgrade projects to their credit and have been working with Infor products in its many forms since the early days.

We know what it takes to get you to the most current version of the system successfully and seamlessly. Upgrading of the enterprise system requires technical, application and project management skills. Because we've done many conversions, we know the issues and how to navigate the waters to make sure your conversion is a success.

Beginning with our thorough survey, we can establish a realistic budget and timeframe for your company to upgrade. We will review with you the specific issues that must be addressed, including:

  • Current version
  • Number of sites
  • Size of databases
  • Number of users
  • Modules in use
  • Add-on or third party products
  • Existing custom modifications
  • Network infrastructure

Based on the survey results, we will help you design a conversion project that will include:

  • Specification of proper servers to run the new release
  • Data clean up in your current version to minimize conversion time and errors
  • Preliminary data conversion
  • Implementation team training
  • Piloting of new system and new functionality
  • Documentation of new or changed procedures
  • Specification, design and production of any needed modifications, customizations or reports
  • End user training
  • Final conversion for go live
  • Go live execution
  • Post go live support

Enhancement and Customizations

If you have committed to developing your enterprise system software by investing in appropriate Development licences or through a Source Code Agreement then TGS can ensure that you gain the very best value through rapid design and delivery. Our knowledge covers the whole breadth of the application which ensures that we can help you get the full value from your software investment.

We are not just software programmers - we enjoy the challenge of understanding your business issues and finding innovative ways of resolving them. A team of business analysts are supported by business focused developers that bring a strong partnership to resolving your problems.

Changes to the system’s environment require special skills beyond familiarity with the language and database. Our programmers have years of specialized knowledge of Infor products and all versions and have honed their skills to these specific environments. This has made them likely the fastest programmers in this sector, completing modifications and projects in a fraction of the time others have quoted. We know the system framework, the schema, and most importantly the proper way that system functions so that we can design programs with the least impact on the system while providing the greatest functionality.
Whether you need a simple change to a report, or you are contemplating a project to write a new functional module for your system, we're the right people to help you be successful.

System Integration

Many of the projects we undertake involve the integration of our solutions with other applications used by our clients. TGS technical expertise across several technology platforms enables us to bring together software modules such as package solutions and web-enabled applications, and link them with existing software and hardware to deliver complete solutions.

Through our broad experience in project management and business processes knowledge we can help clients to exploit opportunities of complex systems integration across new and existing platforms. Our expertise in large multi-projects provides the assurance that we will deliver and our rapid development plans ensure timely delivery.

Maintenance and Support

We understands that receiving the highest level of support for your users is critical, to enable them to achieve high levels of business productivity. From our experience, we know that once an enterprise system has reached maturity, the ability of the organization to gain ongoing benefits from the software solution becomes harder year on year. Therefore, the best way to continuously gain benefits from your enterprise system is through investing in pro-active support, which actively engages with the business to understand and identify business processes, procedures and technology improvements.

We work with you to understand and effect the changes required in the underlying system capabilities to meet departmental and organizational goals. From business system Programming Support to Technical Support - we offer innovative and timely consulting to help you successfully maximize your system investment. We have over 8+ years of experience working with multiple business systems and helping clients get the right answers to their most pressing challenges quickly.

You maintain control by selecting the precise level of service your business requires. As you move up to a higher level plan, coverage hours broaden, response time commitments quicken, and Senior Level Support is guaranteed. And keep in mind, the hours you purchase never expire and can be used for system tech support, training, programming, upgrades, implementations, and application consulting.

TGS is specialised in the IBM Rational tool sets. Our Rational consultants are skilled in developing custom CM plans, defining and implementing policies and procedures, as well as configuring tools to perform best in your environment. Our ClearCase and ClearQuest Consulting experts excel in helping customers resolve problems that pertain to today's complex software development processes and tools. Rather than take your key personnel off-line to perform these tasks, outsource these tasks to us for assurance that they will be completed well and efficiently.

Managed Services

Not all companies are alike, and neither are our Managed Service offerings! If you have internal IT resource and Business Analysts then our service can offer additional support as and when required to supplement your technical and functional knowledge needs. For some of our customers we are their IT Department, not only looking after their critical business system but also managing and supporting their general IT, from enterprise system to the desktop. This means that we are not limited to giving you answers that are solely in the Infor domain, we can bring a rich blend of skills that provide solutions which go beyond standard functionality.