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There are enough complexity and competitive pressures in most industries to alarm even the most seasoned executive. For example, if your company is in the apparel, textile, or footwear industry, you must contend with a dizzying array of colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes. And in virtually every industry there is a need to respond effectively to consumer tastes, expectations, and buying behaviors that change constantly. So, if you are a brand leader with overseas manufacturing or one of the distributors and manufacturers supporting that brand, you need a software solution that can help you move goods and important business information through your enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.

System21 Aurora is helping more than 1,000 companies worldwide manage the complexity of their product lines and supply chains for sustained business success. System21 Aurora is a suite of software products, combining next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality with real-time business process management capabilities. Designed for mid-to-large-sized manufacturing and distribution companies running on the IBM® System i platform, System21 Aurora delivers capabilities in manufacturing, financials, procurement, customer service, logistics, and after-sales service management.

Also System21 Style which designed specifically for small-to large-sized fashion, apparel, footwear, garment, and textile companies running on the IBM® System i platform. The solution simplifies design and product development, streamlines sourcing and sample management, and automates sales so you can more rapidly develop products that consumers want—and get those products to market more quickly than your competition. By delivering business information that is timely, accurate, and comprehensive, System21 Style helps you make insightful strategic decisions. And while System21 Style is fully integrated, you can unplug any of its modules if you prefer a more targeted, stand-alone solution.

System21 Style :

  • Can meet the business requirements of most companies
  • Simplifies design and product development
  • Streamlines sourcing and sample management
  • Automates sales, speeding up product development
  • Helps you make insightful strategic decisions
  • Supports sales and production processes
  • Delivers business data that's timely

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System21 Aurora

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Get business specific
System21 Aurora is an industry-specific, end-to-end solution that helps companies monitor, control, and optimize all business processes. It includes functionality that addresses all requirements for product design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service. Insightful strategic decision-making is enabled through the delivery of business information that is timely, accurate, and comprehensive. System21 Aurora is a fully integrated solution with modules that can be unplugged to provide a more targeted, stand-alone solution. Key features and capabilities include:
Role-based workspace
The System21 Aurora workspace provides an intuitive, role-based user experience through personalized menus and shortcuts and workflow-driven “to-do-lists.” This allows users to immediately perform event-driven actions and gain access to other applications from a single desktop area.
The solution offers several capabilities to optimize design processes, including an exact color management system for color reduction, new tone-in-tone color reduction, and new tone-in-tone color combinations and reports. The sales and production processes are supported through realistic weave and knit simulation.
Product development
System21 Aurora includes an industry-specific product data management system with Internet access to manage all pre-production information. There are workflow management tools with to-do-lists, automatic user notifications, and support for individual design or garment specifications. The solution enables product costing at all stages through the pre-production process, based on the bill of materials (BOM) and bill of labor.
Product definition
System21 Aurora provides sophisticated product definition capabilities, including product seasonality, support for four-dimensional SKUs, and BOMs and product routes defined at the style level. The solution supports full product costing based on the BOM and routing data, including comparisons and simulations. A central repository for all product data helps drive planning, production, and CMT (cut, make, and trim) functions.
With System21 Aurora, sourcing can be driven from sales planning with automatic generation of all inter-company supply chain transactions. Purchase orders can be placed for finished articles and/or raw materials, and controlled by seasonal parameters. The solution provides visibility and control over importing and shipping data, the ability to view supplier production loading, and a module for conducting comprehensive supplier.